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Protecting Your Building

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Treatment is the key to the lifespan of your new garden building.

At Shed City we offer you the maintenance free option of treating your new building for you. 

Waterproofed, solvent protection 

Solvent protection provides a water repellent finish enhancing the durability of the timber, giving you the peace of mind that your building is thoroughly protected from the moment it is installed. Unlike the water based treatment used by the majority of other garden building manufacturers, the solvent treatment process boasts an attractive maintenance free finish and requires no additional painting or treating for the initial 18-24 months. The colour supplied at manufacture is Golden Brown. Other colours are available in 5 litre tins. Once dry the treatment is completely safe to pets and plant life. See tin for safety guidelines.

Pressure Treated

At Shed City we offer the option of pressure treated timber (Tanalised) on any building in our extensive range. Tanalised timber has been pressure impregnated with Tanalith E, providing protection against fungicidal growth, decay and insect attack, promoting a longer life span for your new garden building. Pressure treated timber offers a maintenance free building, saving both time and money. The low maintenance makes pressure treatment an attractive and cost effective way of owning an outdoor building. The colour is a subtle, matt green and blends well in most gardens, the treatment is not harmful to pets or plant life.



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