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HAWTHORN - Classic or Modern

HAWTHORN - Classic or Modern

The Hawthorn Summerhouse makes the most of any corner in any garden!

With two designs on offer, the Classic with georgian doors and windows, or the Modern with full length doors and windows. 

Five sides in all, two of which create a ninety degree angle fitting nicely into any corner. Full glazed double doors on the forty five degree front give the Hawthorn it's stunning, unique appearance. Complimented by two large opening windows, antique style door fittings and mortice lock with two keys. 

NEW - now available in a choice of over 15 colours Factory Spray Painted - see our Gallery for more information


  • Framing: 44mm x 32mm
  • Cladding: 12mm  Tongue and Groove Shiplap
  • Roof Boards: 12mm Tongue and Groove Matchboard
  • Roof: Quality mineral felt
  • Floor : 12mm Tongue and Groove Matchboard

Lowest Point: 2010mm (6' 7")

Highest Point: 2170mm (7' 2")


Hawthorn 7' x 7'
Hawthorn 8' x 8'